Пожалуйста решите!!! это как тест!!! потом просто изменить предложения!!! тот кто знает тот решит за 2 минуты!!!1) Complete the sentences using one of these verbs in the correct form, present or past:1 This house (is/are/was/were) built by my grandfather.2 Many accidents (am/are/was/were) caused by dangerous driving.3 The room (is/are/was/were) cleaned every day.4 The letter (is/are/was/were) posted a week ago5 The flight (is/am/was/were) cancelled because of fog.6 Cheese (is/are/was/were) made from milk.7 A cinema is a place where the films (is/are/was/were) shown.2)Put the verbs into the correct form, present or past. Please, try to use full form:1While I was travelling around the country my camera (steal)from my hotel room.2The policemen (call) by our friends.3The road (use) very often.4Originaly the book (write) in Spanish, and a few years ago it (translate)into English.5The islands (wash) by the Atlantic ocean.6Telephone (invent) in the ninteenth century.7About this event (speak much) now.8We (not allow) to make personal calls at work.9Our project (make) a week ago.10Three boys (inform) about test results last lesson.3)Make the sentences Passive:1D.Defoe wrote the novel about Robinson Crusoe at the age of sixty. 2Grandparents brought up Mike and his younger sister.3Millions of people visit Moscow every year.4Sir Christopher Wren designed St.Pauls Cathedral in the late 17th century. 5My friends invited us to a party.6A group of artists organized this original exhibition.7In Bangladesh people celebrate New Year in April.8Our team won the game yesterday.9Most people in the USA speak English.10All students in our class use computers.Вроде всё... Помогите плиз!

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